Connect with a tax agent. Start your tax return around.

Smile this tax time. Prepare your tax return. Connect with a tax agent.

Feel empowered with the right tax tools

HubeX provides you with an online portal and financial toolbox that enables you to prepare your own tax return.

Easy breezy tax time

With HubeX, tax time will no longer be a hassle. Sign up for a FREE Tax Refund estimate and decide to take it up from there.

Better service from accountants

Find a tax agent who will review and lodge your tax return.

Choose a trusted accountant who cares

Get the best advice from experienced tax agents and benefit from their trusted advice.

You’re in control

HubeX helps you to analyse your current financial situation, make better financial decisions and plan for a prosperous future.

Tax is no longer a mystery

Lodging your tax return is not a large task anymore. Get the best help from tax experts.

The HubeX Factor

Get an advantage at tax time

Welcome to your dedicated online portal where you can prepare your tax return then have it reviewed and lodged by an experienced and qualified accountant of choice.

Easy Account Set Up

Lodge your tax return in five steps

1.Create a Profile

Set up your HubeX profile in less than 5 minutes for free.

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2. Enter Tax Details

Enter your income and expenses into the tax form.


Upload documents to the secure cloud portal

4.Engage An Agent

Choose an accountant from our list of experienced professionals on the HubeX marketplace.

5.Sign and Get Set

Your taxes are done! That means if you expect a refund, the cash is in your pocket sooner! Plus you can now use the HubeX suite of tools to budget and start planning for your future with the information you've already uploaded to the portal.

Our Guarantee

Maximum Tax Refund

local_agentsTax agents who are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board

money_up_downCompetitive fixed fees

rocket_tax_timeTax agents committed to meeting the service standard

local_service_teamPersonalised Financial & money tools to help you organise and prepare tax returns

coding_more_toolsWe will build more tools to make your financial life easier

Invite Your Trusted Advisor

Have an expert review and lodge your return

You can start using the HubeX portal with your advisers to manage income and expenses, get reminders of upcoming deadlines and keep all your correspondence during tax time in one place. All you need to do is invite them into HubeX. After you log in.